Exploratory Test Case Management

Exploratory testing is freeform testing where you don’t need to follow any scripted steps. It involves testers manually examining different parts of an application to catch important bugs that may be missed in automated functional testing. With this exploratory testing feature you can find bugs sooner, create defects easier, and test faster on the largest selection of desktop and mobile browsers in QAComplete.

Test as You Go, Quickly and Easily

With QAComplete you can now enable ad-hoc recording of test activities. Record your manual steps as they happen, save them as a test, and generate new manual tests based on the previously recorded steps.

Run Exploratory Tests Across the Largest Selection of Real Devices

Take your exploratory testing efforts to the next level through the QAComplete integration with CrossBrowserTesting. You can now use CrossBrowserTesting from within QAComplete to execute manual tests across 1500+ real desktop and mobile browsers.

Say goodbye to complex test management,
focus on what you do best — Making Great Software

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