Jira Test Management for Agile Testing

Easily keep your team members who love Jira Software up-to-speed on any testing activities taking place in QAComplete with the QAComplete & Jira test case management integration. Requirement and defect tracking changes made in QAComplete are available in real-time within Jira, so you have one centralized location to track your software requirements, defects, and test cases with ease.

Real-Time Two-Way Jira Syncing

Ensure your test cases are always up-to-date with QAComplete's two-way syncing integration with Jira, which allows you to walk away from scheduled or manual syncs. With QAComplete's test management system, any changes made in QAComplete or Jira are automatically reflected across user stories, requirements, tasks, defects, or even custom issue types.

Real-Time Two-Way Jira Syncing Real-Time Two-Way Jira Syncing
Switch Between Test Management Tools Easily Switch Between Test Management Tools Easily

Switch Between Test Management Tools Easily

Directly look up any linked QAComplete requirements, tests, or defects within Jira. Or, if needed, gain complete traceability across testing activities associated with Jira issues within QAComplete. With a single click, you can jump from one test case management tool to another to reduce delays and move quicker in an agile environment.

Connect to Multiple Jira Projects Quickly

Reduce delays and data synchronization issues often encountered while managing multiple projects individually from different test management tools. With QAComplete, remove the overhead and burden of maintaining and upgrading project mappings by mapping multiple Jira projects to QAComplete in a single click, making test management quick and easy.

Connect to Multiple Jira Projects Quickly Connect to Multiple Jira Projects Quickly

Say goodbye to complex test management,
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