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Customization So Easy You Won’t Believe It

Concerned about how long it is going to take to customize your new test management tool to capture the information you’re going to need?  We think it should be quick and painless. With QAComplete’s powerful yet easy customization capabilities, you can customize our tool to meet your team's needs at each step of the test case management process in just a few minutes.

Easy Point & Click Customization So Anyone
Can Create the Best Test Management Workflow

With some test case management tools, trying to customize a form to collect the critical information you need can be burdensome and time-consuming. With QAComplete, you can quickly and easily customize the UI to fit the needs of your team’s test case management workflow and glean information most important to you.

  • Customize any form, field, and workflow with intuitive Point and Click.
  • Create custom fields to track any additional data you wish to collect.
  • Decide what fields are required, the order in which they appear, and what fields might need default values. 

More Than Meets the UI. Customize Our Tool At Every Step of Your Workflow

Be rid of the days where you can only customize fields on some UI screens of the test management lifecycle. With QAComplete, you can set unique custom fields at each stage of your test management workflow without needing to worry about the downstream impact.

  • For example, you can set a numeric custom field on the requirements screen and a text custom field on the defects screen
  • Communicate results at every step of the test case management process
  • Create custom dashboards tailored to your needs in a simple, easy-to-use user-interface

Keep Speaking Your Workflow Language

Most test case management tools require you to change the way you communicate your workflows across the team to fit their tool. QAComplete allows you to speak your team’s test case management workflow language by quickly customizing the framework built into QAComplete.

You can use these common test management organization frameworks, or easily customize your own.

JIRA Stories

Marry test case management to requirement management.

Assigned To

Identify resource bottlenecks.

Status of Task

Provide a view of things left to be done.


Sort by common test case types.

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