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Many Methodologies, One Tool

Every team works differently. You can’t be beholden to a rigid tool that doesn’t fit the way your team works. Regardless of the cadence of your releases, sprints, and builds or where you fall on the Waterfall, Agile, or DevOps spectrum of software development, it doesn’t matter when using QAComplete.

This test case management tool can be molded with ease to your current workflows. With QAComplete, you can continue to use your workflows, your way. QAComplete lets you craft the perfect release cycle based off of what you are already doing by using out-of-the box templates or creating custom workflows with ease to match the way your process is setup.

Get Organized, Gain Visibility, In Only a Few Clicks

With most test case management tools, getting organized for all your testing needs with multiple projects and team-members can be frustrating. QAComplete allows you to manage, organize, and report manual and automated tests side-by-side in one central location. You can easily create any hierarchy for your projects including releases, sprints, and builds.

Your team can link test cases to requirements, tasks, and defects for full traceability. By linking items, you not only get complete traceability but also full visibility into requirements that were met, tests that were passed, and defects that need to be managed.

The Only Tool Integrated for True Test Automation

Most organizations are striving for greater levels of automation however, this can be challenging due to disparate tools that don’t integrate well.

Other test case management tools tout their integrations, but when you look beneath the surface they lack the right integrations for true test automation.

Like other tools, QAComplete offers integrations with JIRA, Bugzilla, Jenkins, GitHub, and more. However, where QAComplete stands above the rest, is with our tight integrations with Selenium, SoapUI, and TestComplete to create a true test automation workflow.

Notification Engine for the Way Your Team Works

It’s difficult to be effective with end-to-end testing if the right people aren’t aware of the events that matter to them when they happen. QAComplete includes a flexible notification engine that allows you to be notified based off of custom preferences that you can configure in minutes.

Email Alerts

Manage when you receive notifications based on: assignment, ownership, all changes.

Escalation Rules

Escalate the priority, assignment, and other information once specific criteria is met.

Workflow Transitions

Set rules about status changes and data collected that triggers automatic assignments.

The Right Deployment Model For Your Needs

A tool that adapts to your workflow can only be useful when it’s deployed where you want it. QAComplete is available in two deployment options.

SaaS - allows your team to deploy test management services in the cloud, managed by the SmartBear team.

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On-Premise - allows your team to host test management services in your own data center.

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